Sunday, June 30, 2013

this is it!

2013 definitely is my year! Let me just update you on what's happening with me.

First off, I'm back at the corporate world! After what, 1 year and 3 months? It's a new challenge but who's backing down? :) A lot of adjustments though since I'm no longer used to the whole day work pace but we'll get there. Good news is that I'm so near the malls! There's also a stacked pantry, just what I need for those days when I hurriedly leave the house without eating breakfast! And free parking! Not to mention a quite good pay. :) The best part is, working hours are flexible! I will no longer be late! Yey!

I'm also doing good with my businesses on the side, thank you! God is really good and I can't believe my fortune! What perfect timing!

And then there's you. :) I'll reveal our secret soon enough. :)

I wonder if there's more in store for me for the second half of the year? 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Goal: Visit all the 7107 islands!

My Lakbayan grade is C!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!
Created by Eugene Villar.

Friday, December 28, 2012

what's your move?

9 months since i've left the corporate world.
9 months without a regular salary and living on my savings, sideline plus the occasional temp jobs.
9 hours a day is the average sleep time i get since i went on "vacation"

it hasn't been so bad. there's less work-related stress, more flexibility in terms of work hours, lots of time to explore other activities (including options for income generation), more ME time, more time for loved ones.

BUT, it hasn't been good either. there's no steady flow of income, stress/anxiety caused by lack of financial security/stability, losing focus since there has been a lot going-on.

must make a solid decision this 2013 on what to pursue to go from good to great!

jumpstarting 2013

part of going new places is establishing new habits. one of my 2013 resolutions is to beat the manana habit. so let me start of by saying, I HAVE DOWNLOADED ALL 220 ALBUMS FROM MY MULTIPLY ACCOUNT! :)

whew! that took forever to start. ok ok, so maybe part of it is because Multiply will be erasing the uploaded content by December 31st. And since taking photos has been a very BIG part of me, the thought of losing all those precious memories just makes me cry. So here I am, slaving away to download and organize my precious photos.

too bad i lost most of my photos from way back (circa 2003-2007) due to system crashes, reformatting and generally poor foresight. good thing i now have my trusty external HD to back things up. although i'm contemplating if i should make a secondary back-up, just in case.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Do or Do Not

...there is NO TRY!

No excuses allowed this year. So if you here me whining, slap me!


To explore places i have never been to (literally and figuratively speaking) every single day for 365 days! (and hopefully survive this with the hope that things will just keep getting better and better for 2013!)

2012 has been topsy-turvy. I quit from my corporate job (a few months shy of turning 7 in the company), lost and found love during the same year and still confused as to what I want to do with my life.

Although I put 2012 as a banner year to make everything possible, I did not follow through. So this coming year, it is with renewed faith and hope that I again declare a year of ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!

So help me God and give me courage! 2013 is THE year!

new beginnings

Welcome to my new blog! You'll read more about what I've been up to in the coming days (hopefully). 

For now, I must finish customizing my lay-out. Let me know your thoughts. :)